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The Naples Dance Conservatory and Pilates


Patricia Perez

Ms. Patricia started practicing Pilates in 2005 to gain strength, stability, control, and recover from injuries. She kept doing Pilates trough out her career as a professional dancer. In 2008 she decided to become a certified teacher and went trough the training. She got fully certified as a Power Pilates instructor in 2008.

Ms. Patricia is thankful that she is able to teach and extends her knowledge to others. Pilates not only improves overall health, but facilitates a sense of strength, and confidence that trickles over into everyday tasks and experiences.

Ms. Patricia has work as a Pilates instructor for Yoga Works, Purely Pilates, Physical Innovation in California.

Living in Naples, she has been able to expand her knowledge and include in her classes different styles of Pilates. Ms.Patricia is a Pilates and a Barre class instructor with Mediterra Country Club, Wyndemere Country Club, Quail West, and Naples Dance Conservatory in Naples, Florida.

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