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​Mat Classes

A non- impact, total body workout featuring Pilates exercises on the Mat. A variety of traditional props such as the small ball, magic circle or weights may be use to create a challenging workout. We will work all muscle groups in this hour class.

​Equipment Classes

Private Reformer Class: A slower-paced , introductory method which incorporates classic Pilates principles such as body alignment, breath-work, proper positioning and body symmetry. Learn the proper terminology and how to use the various parts of the apparatus.


Pilates for sport: A Pilates equipment class designed to improve the athlete in you. Counteract the repetitive, rotational forces from golf or tennis. Some Pilates knowledge is recommended. This class is a great option for cross training.


Pilates for rehabilitation: In this class we will focus on the client’s special needs, limitations or injuries. We will modify exercises according to the needs of the client.  Our goal is to keep you moving and healthy.

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